Is blogging a good career in india?

how to make money from blogging?

πŸ‘‰ How To Make Money Online?

πŸ‘‰What is blogging?

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 There are many ways to make money online.

 There are many ways to do that.

 Here are some of the good. Ideas

1) Blogging

 2) Digital marketing

 3) Freelancing

 4) Stock marketing

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Indian top bloggers
How to start blogging
How to write blogging


     Blogging in our country earns an average of $ 100 to $ 10000 per month, which is about 7500 to 7,50,000 in our Indian Rupees. Blogging is a good platform to make money online.

 Blogging started in India in the year 2009. By 2011, blogging had developed.

 Thousands of bloggers in India in the year 2010, the rates have always increased by a few. This blogging started as a hobby and has since become a profession. Blogging is mainly about technology, writing about online income.  Some are earning a few million a month.

Indian top bloggers

 Always read some Success Story on Blogging.

 1) Amit Aggarwal

 Amit Agarwal is the number one blogger in our country. He is also known as the Father of bloggers. He has had many successes in blogging. He website .It's mostly technology related.  This website receives a few million views a month.  He is a millionaire.

 2) Harsha Agarwal

 Harsha Agarwal, a native of New Delhi, is also very successful in blogging. Harsha Agarwal's monthly income is 40,000 dollars.

 Harsha Agarwal runs a website called

 3) Pritam agree

  Pritam Nagrale put concepts on how to make money online on his web. Pritam Nagrale website, earning $ 25,000 a month.

 4) Arun Prabhudesai

 Arun Prabhudesai runs a website called trak. which earns $ 10,000 a month. He mostly writes about tech and startups.

 5) Amit Bhavani

 Amit Bhavani was a top blogger from 2003 to 2011. He runs a website called and writes mostly blogs about phones.

        In the same way, Viri and many others are making money on blogging.

 The heroes did not succeed in the same way.

 How do we make money on blogging?

 Making money on blogging is easy but it takes a while. It depends on you.

 How to start blogging?

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 To start blogging we need to have a website. If we want a website domain we have to pay a small amount. Otherwise, Google will give us for free. In this, we can blog for free. We have to write 20 to 30 blogs.  ) If our blogs traffic is high, we can make money by linking to Google Adsense.

 Google pays us based on the ads that come to our blog.

 What content should we write about in blogging?

 What kind of content do we get more traffic and money from?

     What kind of content do we write about? What people are searching for the most is that if we write that content, we are more likely to get more traffic. It is better to write about what we have more grip on.

 1) Making Money Online.

 2) Blogging.

 3) Tech

 4) Cricket

 5) Cinema

 6) Politics.

 7) etc .....

 If we write quality content, there is a chance that our blogs will get more traffic.

 Have a good career in blogging. Have a little hard work on blogging. It may take a few days, or it may take a few months. We have to work hard until we are successful.

 How to write blogging?

 How to write success?

 We can be successful in blogging if we take some important things while blogging.

 The blog we write should have good content. It should be easy for viewers to understand. You should have at least 1000 words in the writing matter. Your blog should be attractive.

 Should Google AdSense ever apply?

 Google AdSense is Google. If it is approved to our blog then ads will come to our blogs.  Today we have more than 17 of our blogs and AdSense comes when our blogs have traffic.

 Many people in our country have succeeded in writing blogging as a hobby. On average, our bloggers in our country are earning $ 100 to $ 10000. The more popular ones are earning $ 300 to $ 30,000.

 If we write blogs and give good content, we will also be successful in blogging.

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