What is digital marketing?,verius modules in digital marketing.

 Digital marketing

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    what is digital marketing?
  • what is digital marketing?
  • what is digital marketing?

     How much earn money digital marketer? How to work digital marketing?

  • various modules in digital marketing.
  • search engine optimization (SEO).

    • What is SEO
    • Uses of SEO
    • Why need SEO
  • Search engine marketing(SEM)
    • What is SEM
    • Uses of SEM
    • Why need SEM
  • Social media optimization (SMO)
    • What is SMO
    • Uses of SMO
    • Why need SMO
  • Social media marketing (SMM)

Digital marketing is also known as online marketing. Digital communication is the process of connecting customers to a company using the Internet.

     Digital marketing means placing ads on a company's products and services online, for example, search engines, websites, social media, email and mobile apps.

 It does not cost the company much money. Nowadays, everyone uses the Internet.

    For example, 48% of customers are searching for the goods they want on Google.  Similarly 33% on the top website,

 26% are looking at apps. Digital marketing is always evolving in our country.

 On average, a digital marketer in our country earns 15000 to 4000 per month. Digital marketing manager earns 6 lakh to 10 lakh per year.

    The whole world has gone digital.  Through it, everyone is giving advertisement in digital. So many jobs are coming.

 How to work digital marketing?

   Digital marketing is mainly about selling the company's products and services, making people buy products.

   Any company gives ads on Facebook, Google, Instagram, websites to sell more of its product. This is called digital marketing.

   Digital marketing sells more of that company's product. A cany spend more to bring in a customer. The only way to reduce this cost is through digital marketing. It costs less to place ads in digital marketing than traditional marketing.

 Digital marketing can be marketed in a variety of ways. These are called digital marketing channels or types of digital marketing.

 Various modules in digital marketing are...

 1) Search engine optimization (SEO).

 SEO is also known as search engine optimization. It looks at the quality and size of our website. It only gives organic traffic to our website. SEO ranks our website based on what kind of content it looks at...

 what is the use of SEO?

 SEO can benefit us in many ways.

  •  It helps to get more traffic to our website and our blogs.
  •  Our website makes it accessible to everyone.
  •  Seo is the reason why our website should make a good profit.
  •  Enhances our brand.

 why need SEO.

 Seo will increase our business. Our website will get more traffic. More traffic will improve our business. It will make more money. Our brand will reach everyone easily. How can SEO be used?

2) search engine marketing (SEM) or pay-per-click advertising.

 what is SEM?

 Search engine marketing is also known as pay per click advertising.

 SEM is also an important module in digital marketing.  SEM is when we pay money to place our ads on Google or any other search engine.

 what is the use of SEM?

  •  It helps to promote a different website.
  •  Digital marketing in sem brings more views to our website which brings more traffic.
  •  Our business clicks quickly.

 why need SEM?

 The SEM is more influential in doing business online. Advertising is a plus point for our business as search engines place ads on time. This makes all companies more inclined to place ads to enhance their brand.

 3)Social media optimization (SMO)

 what is social media optimisation?

 SMO? stands for social media optimization.  This is how search engine optimization works. Social media optimization works. Any social media like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter is a platform for this. It increases our publicity. We can easily give our brand and sarvis to the people.

 What is the use of social media optimization?

  •  Social media can easily do our business
  •  Once clicked on social media, our image remains the same.
  •  Quickly connects customers to our company on social media.

 why do we need SMO?

 Nowadays social media is expanding. Everyone is always using social media. This will help us to understand how smo expands. SMO has expanded not only in the so media but also in the book market and RSS field. It can only be achieved through results.

4) Social media marketing (SMM)


is known as social media marketing.

 what is social media marketing?

 SMM is especially useful for giving our brand and service promotions on social networks like Instagram, Facebook and other websites.

 Uses caused by SMM.

  •  Reaches more people on social media.
  •  Our brand is introduced to people of all ages.
  •  Our SMM can reach more audiences.

 Why do we need SMM?

  SMM makes our business reach everyone who uses social media, educates people of all ages, develops our brand from social media, makes money. Increases market value for our business.

5) Email marketing.

 What is email marketing?

 Email marketing is an important module for digital marketing.

 uses of email marketing.

  •  Can be massaged on any device.
  •  Boost sales.
  •  Relationships with clients can be strained.
  •  low cost

 Why Does Business Need Email Marketing?

 This is why the email marketing business needs them to make a profit.

 6)content marketing.

 Content marketing is the process of writing content and distributing it to different sectors. Creating content plays a key role in digital marketing.  Writing content for a company's product increases the SEO score. Every day the public writes a wide variety of content, as well as a lot more. Writing quality content brings more traffic to our content, such as SEO and SMO...

 7)Affiliate marketing.

 Affiliate marketing is a good platform for us to make money online.  Many people in our country are making lakhs by doing affiliate marketing.

 Affiliate marketers in our country earn up to 20 lakhs a year. Even though they are very popular, they earn up to 30 lakhs.

 The same one day however earns 10000 to lakh.

 What is the actual affiliate market?

 Big companies spend a lot of money to sell their products and give advertisements.

 If the company spends Rs.500 to buy an item by an individual, it will give Rs.250 in the affiliate market and sell its goods to those buyers.

 How does the affiliate market work?

 Some companies register on products such as amazon, flipcurt, meesho, etc., and if they click on the link on our website or blog and click on that link, the company will give us a commission on the product. This is called affiliate marketing.

 Whenever we want an affiliate marketer we have to have an OK website or blog running. Our website needs traffic.

 We can register on things like amazon, flipcurt and promote the product from that link. If someone naughty promotes the product we are promoting then we get some commission.


 This module mainly affects digital marketing. The various module of digital marketing is very useful to grow a business. This module makes it easy for companies to sell their services and products and earn money.

 We have discus about versus module of digital marketing. I hope this blog is useful to you.

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