What is internet?who is owner of the internet?

What is the Internet?

 What is the use of the Internet?

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What is internet?
What is the use of internet?
tear 1 Company

tear 2 Company

tear 2 Company


 One can live without meals in a day but cannot live without internet.

 Today we are looking at facebook, instagram, whatsapp, google day.  If we search in India, the information will come immediately from Google somewhere. How is that

 A few crores of searches are being registered in Google every minute.  A few lakhs of massages are being sent on whatsapp.

 1) What is the Internet?

 2) How does the Internet work?

 3) Anyone over the internet?

 4) Who takes internet money?  Let's find out now!

 1) What is the Internet?

 The Internet is the process of connecting one device to another.

 Generally speaking, the wire that connects from one tower to another is called the Internet. This wire is called the optical cable.

 These cables are laid all over the world. All the data we use is transmitted through these optical cables.  It comes through wire. And 1% comes from satellite We need to connect all the computers in the world from our computer which means we have to lay this optical wire all over the world or connect it with pre-laid wire.  This optical wire contains some tiny wires. The tiny wires are very thin.

 An example: - We need to use the internet to watch a video on YouTube on our mobile.

 How does optical wire work?

 The massage that goes from our device reaches the tower near us. From there it travels in the form of light on the optical wire. Each device has a unique address.  The massage we send will definitely reach the tower there and attach to another device.

 In order for the Internet to come to us, we have to go through three separate companies. These are called tear 1, tear 2, tear 3 companies.

 tear 1 Company

 That means we need to lay optical wire to connect everything from our computer to every computer in the world but it takes a lot of laying. Some big companies laid them out a few years ago.

Some tear 1 companies



 tear 2. Company.

 These companies take data from tear 1 company at the rate of one G B and set up towers locally and sell it to the public in the form of various offers.

Some tear 2 companies.




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 tear 3 Company.

 They buy near tear 2 and sell to the public.  This is called tear 3 companies are known.

 Beyond these three companies, the Internet reaches us, and we buy and use the Internet, such as Facebook, whatsaap, Google.

 This is how the internet gets closer to us.

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