What are facebook ads?, How to advertise on facebook ?

 What are facebook ads?,facebook advertising.

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  • Introduction
  • What are Facebook Ads?
  • Why are Facebook Ads Important?
  • How to advertise on Facebook?
  • Facebook advertisement cost in india.

What are facebook ads?, How to use facebook ads?

 The ads that come through the facebook advertising platform are called Facebook ads. These Facebook ads come on our used Instagram, Facebook, Messenger and other audience network platforms. Facebook ads are used by companies to increase their brand value and services.

 For example, when a business wants more people to visit their website, they can create ads. They can advertise in a variety of ways. They can do it in the form of picture, video, audio.  Receives.  Apart from this, Facebook helps companies to get more sales, install apps and increase their brand value. When we use Facebook, we look for ads in Facebook feeds and stories. These are controlled by the Facebook ads system.

 There are many types of Facebook ads. There are many types of Facebook feed, story, video, massage, images.

 What are Facebook Ads?

 Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Apps means ads that come through Facebook advertising on some sites. We can pay money to Facebook and post our ads. This makes our brand and service easily accessible to everyone. Why use Facebook ads to improve their business.  Facebook is very useful to increase advertising, Generating sales and services. Even if they are starting a new business, they need to advertise if they want to sell more of their product. Advertising on Facebook will bring more returns. Facebook shows ads only to the right people.

 Why are Facebook Ads Important?

 Nowadays everyone uses social media. So there are many uses for those who give ads on social media. Facebook has more users on social media. Facebook is the most used word in the world as well. People use Facebook at least 35 minutes a day.

 The Facebook platform has 3 billion users, as well as 7 million active advertisers.

 Facebook ads are available to us in a variety of formats so that we can decide how much to spend per day as we like.

 It's very difficult for us to know where to put the budget for marketing. So Facebook discusses in depth where our ads get the most returns. Facebook has a few billion users. It also gives its ads on things like Instagram and Messenger.  It will improve our business quickly.

 We can choose the overall budget for Facebook advertising, or the budget for one day and the cost per result.

 Of these, we can select the one that suits us.

 The main reason for advertising on Facebook is its features. Facebook only places ads on what people are looking for the most.

  •  Gender
  •  Age
  •  Attractive
  •  Interests
  •  Location
  •  Language

 Track Facebook and see if our ad gets any more returns and play ads only on them. Such a feature reduces the cost of placing ads.

 How to advertise on Facebook?.

 We can easily advertise on Facebook. If you want to advertise on Facebook, you need to take a few steps. If you have a Facebook Business Page, you can visit the Facebook Ads Manager directly. If you do not have a Facebook Business Page, create one now.

 Let's find out now how to place ads on Facebook!  Now let's learn step by step. When you open the Facebook Ads Manager it shows as follows.

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step 1 .select your objective.

 When you log in to Facebook Ads Manager, tap on Advertisements and then select the Create New Ads option.

 Now you can select our advertising targets. For this, Facebook has 11 targets available. They are ... 

  1. Brand Awareness
  2.  Reach
  3.  Traffic
  4.  Engagement
  5.  Install the app
  6.  Video views
  7.  Lead generation
  8.  Message
  9.  Conversion
  10.  Create sales
  11.  store traffic

 We need to select what our ad is related to

 step 2.Naming the campaign.

 After selecting the objective, we need to name our ad. We need to select the name of the ad for which it belongs.

 step 3 .Select your budget and schedule.

 We need to decide how much to spend on our ad. Facebook shows some different methods for this. We can choose the cost of the ads on a daily basis or choose a lifetime budget.

 If you want to add yours in the future then you have to select the start date and end date for it or you can promote it now.

 We have to select the one that will get the best result from our advertisement.

 step 4. Select your audience.

 Facebook has some great features for audience selection.  Facebook shows our ads based on people's likes.  This gives a good response to our ads. We can select what kind of audience we want. They ...

  •  Gender
  •  Age
  •  Location
  •  Interests
  •  atraction
  •  Language

 Etc. We have to select.

 step 5. Select your Placements

 In addition to the Facebook platform, our ads can also be found on things like Instagram and Messenger.

 Device type..Mobile and desktop

 Platforms..Facebook.Instagram.and ather Audience Networks.

 Placements..Story, feeds, Images.Videos, Search, Messages, and Apps, Seats,

 Specific mobile devices and operating system.

 IOS, Android and feature phones

 step 6 Setting our brand security, cost control.

 After selecting the placements, you need to set the brand security, as well as set the inventory: full inventory, standerd inventory, limited inventory.

 step 7.Create the add.

 Here we have to choose the format and size of our ad. We have to choose whether our ad should be in image form or video format. Where we can create ads using our Creativity. Audiences should look attractive when they see our ad.  After setting everything, you should see an OK Preview. If everything is correct, click on the Publish button.

 Facebook advertisement cost in india.

 Facebook advertise cost is not the same for everyone.  The average price on Facebook varies depending on the industry or niche revenue we are targeting.

 The average cost per click (CPC) ranges from Rs 0.51 to Rs 2.26.

 You know

 If we have 40 rupees, we can do ads on Facebook.  The same cost per impression (CPM) is Rs 9.95, cost per link (CPL) is Rs 0.75 and cost per action (CPA) is Rs 2.95. Prices vary depending on the location.

 Facebook ads affect prices in many ways. These prices vary from hour to hour.

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