What is stock market?,how does work stork market?.

 Stock market.

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  • What is a stock market?
  • Why do companies give shares?
  • How does the stock market work?
  • SEBI
  • Stock exchanges
  • Stockbrokers
  • Investors and traders
  • Markets
  • Primary market
  • Secondary market
  • Stock market index
  • What are nifty and Sensex
  • Types in stocks
  • Demat account
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What is a stock market?

 The stock market is the place where the shares of public companies are bought or sold. The stock market means the buying and selling of shares.  The stock market is an easy platform to buy and sell shares. Simply put, this stock market helps a company to meet the buyers of its shares. If a person wants to trade in the stock market, it can only be done through an intermediary called a stockbroker. Now the stock market is done online.

 There are many stock market companies in our country.

 They are .. bombe stock exchange, national stock exchange Apart from these two there are some like Bangalore stock exchange, Madras stock exchange etc.

 There are two major exchanges, the Bombe Stock Exchange, also known as the BSE, and the National Stock Exchange, the NSE.

 Why do companies give shares?

 Suppose a company borrows money from a bank to develop it. Then the company's bank must pay interest to them. Instead, the company owner divides his company digitally without paying the interest.  That's They buy the shares of that company. Then the money comes to develop that company. For example, suppose there is a company called XYZ. Suppose it needs 200 rupees to develop it. Then divide the company into 100 parts and put one part in the stock market at the rate of 2 rupees, then 200 will come. So the company does not have to go into debt.

 How does the stock market work?

 It is profitable to invest our hard-earned money in the stock market. Investing in the stock market can bring good returns.

 The stock market is a good platform for investors to sell shares where stock excise makes it easier to trade stocks. The Indian stock market is held by four key components.

 Security Excise Board of India (SEBI)

 SEBI is the regulator of stock markets in India.

 Regulates the commitment of companies, brokerages, and exchanges to protect the interests of investors.

 Stock exchange.

Stock market,Crushmeloud, crush me loud

   The stock market is a good platform for investors to sell their shares. The stock exchange facilitates stock market trading. There are two major exchanges, mainly in India.  They are

 bombe stock exchange.  (BSE)

 It is measured with the Sensex index.

 National Stock Exchange.  (NSE)

 It is measured with the nifty index.


 Stockbrokers mean intermediaries.  These companies can be used to buy and sell for investors in the stock market.

 Investors and traders.

 Stocks are units of the market value of a company.  Sellers and buyers are important if the stock market is to move forward. In the stock market, they are buying and selling.


 To further understand how the stock market works you need to know about the primary and secondary markets.

 Primary market.

 A company lists its shares in the primary market on the stock market through an initial public offering but not through IPO. The IPO is only open for a limited period.  Companies call their shares public because they give their shares to the general public.

 Companies are required to pay money to the stock exchange, as well as new projects or future projects, as well as an annual report, income, balance sheet, and other important information about the company.

 Secondary market.

 In the second stage, the company is listed on the stock market, which means that the shares can be traded at any time.

 Trade in the stock market.

 After listing the company's shares, the stocks made by that company are ready to be bought. All the buying and selling of the listed stocks on the stock exchange takes place through stockbrokers. Stockbrokerstermediaries between the stock exchange and the investor.

 Stock Market Index.

 Indicates the investors in the stock market and the performance of the stock market. This index shows that stocks have been sold in one day. This will help the investor to understand the stock market.

 What are the Sensex and nifty?

 There are two major stock markets in India

 The Bombay Stock Exchange is also known as the BSE. Its index is the Sensex.

 The National Stock Exchange is called the NSE. Its index is measured in nifty.NSE with the index nifty.

 Types in Stocks.

 The stocks of a company are divided into several types.

 Company stocks are not divided based on market capitalisation. It is calculated by multiplying the current stock price of the company by the total shares of the company. Based on the market capitalisation, they are classified as follows: Let's know only the important ones now!

 Large-cap stocks.

 Mid-cap stocks.

 Small Caps Stocks.

 Large caps stocks...

 Large caps do not mean large and growing rapidly.it means that the company is established with more money.

 Mid-caps stocks.Companies with a capitalisation of between Rs 250 crore and Rs 4000 crore fall under Mid capes Stocks where there is steady growth.

 Small Caps Stocks.

 This means that companies with a capitalisation of up to 250 companies fall under small-cap stocks, which means that these companies are small in size and have the potential to grow.  There will be a high growth rate.

 demat account and trading account.

 A Demat account is a must if we want to invest in the stock market.

 demat account.

 Having a Demat account allows us to buy stocks in the stock market online. A Demat account is a must in the stock market.

 How to open a Demat account.

 It takes a lot of time to make a Demat account in advance.  Now it has become so digital that some brokers have set up companies online to open a Demat account.  Apart from that Demat account can be opened for free. demat accounts are given by some companies for free.  They are given by some companies called up stocks, angel One.

 Finals words ...

 Simply put.

 Stock market

 We have to invest in the stock market to make a good profit.

 The stock market is the buying and selling of shares.

 The stock market is also known as the share market and equity market.

 If we have a good understanding of the stock market we can easily invest in the stock market.

 We must have a Demat account to invest in the stock market.

 Some companies always give a Demat account for free.

 There are mainly 2 stock market companies in our country.  They are

 1) Bombe stock exchange.

 2) National Stock Exchange.

 Where companies in our country put their shares for sale. There are buyers and sellers of shares in NSE and BSE.

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