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If you want to create a website, there are many types of websites. You have to choose the right type of website for your business. Most of your business will grow based on the quality of your website.  You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

 You have to decide which website is right for you or our crushmeloud will help you choose the website. This guide is for you.

 There are many ways to create a website. Let's find out now from the most popular types!


Types of websites.

 1) blogs

 2) Business website

 3) Personal website

 4) e-commerce website

 5) nonprofit websites

 6) homepages

 7) magazine websites

 8) social media websites

 9) photo-sharing website

 10) educational websites.

 11) affiliate website


 1) blog websites

 It's an easy-to-create website type. It helps to write at length about a topic. It contains mainly images, videos and articles. When you search for any topic on a search engine, these blog websites come up...The reason for this is that it can be easily created.

 You can also make money by monetizing the blog website type. In India, just blogging earns a few crores. For example Amit Agarwal, Harsha Agarwal.

 2) Business website.

 A business website has a specific business. This website is a brand with that company logo. This website is more popular and more profitable.  If you want a website for your business, you can design the website you want through some websites like WordPress and Wix. If you want a professional website you need to visit the website development company or person.

 A business website contains every detail of the company. All we have to do is visit the website to know the company's goal and their product.

 3) Personal website.

 This personal website is a perfect way for a person to tell about themselves but not what they have achieved. These are the most popular and well-known ones created by them.  It would be great to share the profession and what he does not have on a website.

 A personal website makes it possible for everyone to know about you.

 4)E-commerce websites

 An e-commerce website is a website where you need to shop online. This website makes it possible for your customer to buy my product on your website. It is very profitable and saves a lot of time.  This website is very popular.

 For example, Flipkart and Amazon have an e-commerce website that makes products available to their customers online. Many templates for e-commerce websites are available online.

 5) nonprofit website

 Non-profit websites are similar to business websites. This website unturned the space for donors to make donations. A good place to find out about or support any organization.

 If your organization is nonprofit then you need to let everyone know about your organization's projects and design your website in a proper way to get donations from them.

 6) homepages

 the homepage is a major hub for the website. Your homepage opens first when visitors come to visit your website.

 the homepage is used to reach different places. You need to design the home page with an attractive design so that your website will get a lot of visitors through your home page.

 7) Magazine website

 Magazine websites contain information, pictures, articles and videos. As the world becomes more digital, everyone is searching online for anything.

 Are you looking for a website for information! However, this magazine type of website is for you.  Or you can use a pre-made template.

 8) Social media website.

 Social media websites have more visitors than all other websites and are becoming more popular.

 There are over $ 2.5 billion people on social media. You can target them for your business. You can select any audience. You need to make sure your website is similar to social media.  With a single logo design, people who see your brand will know.

 All you have to do is create content on your social media website and post entertaining videos so that your audience will follow your website daily.

 9) Photo sharing website

 Photography has become a trend these days. Everyone is going for photo shooting. They are taking many creative photos and uploading them on different platforms.  For example Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

 If your website is for photo sharing, you need to choose the right template. If your website is in HD, your audience will be attracted quickly.  Your website will grow faster if your website allows people to share photos and view them as well as the option to download.

 10) Education website.

 This website is mostly used by schools, colleges and universities. On this website, educational institutions inform about their specialization and the education they provide. This website is meant to attract students and parents.

 Educational institutions attach their uniqueness and photos of school and other activities done. It is enough to look at this website to know about the school. Some of the websites also do education. Online education is always more influential. This has created a huge demand for the education website.

 11) Offline website.

 Now everyone is trying to make money online. There are many ways to make money online.

 The offline website is like a shopping website.  We can earn a commission by adding offline links. The offline website should look like our logo and our brand. This offline website contains links to products from websites such as Amazon and Flipkart.  Will get some commission.


 Website is like a hub for a business. Website is very important to grow a business. In this digital world, we can not do without a website. Your website should be relative to your business

 If the website is attractive with good colour, visitors to your website will stay longer. Your website should look like the tools available for your goal. We need to look at what format fits the project.  Need to design a website.

 There are many benefits to using a website. We can also make money through a website as well as do business.

 Some companies may help or develop your website development. Now there are many types of website templates available online.  You can optimise. them using them.

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