How does works youtube? Youtube

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How do works youtube? Youtube careers


YouTube is a name that does not need to be introduced. No one in the world has not heard of the name YouTube. YouTube is a good platform for anyone to learn new things and bring out new things. If anyone wants to put out their talent there is no other than this. Youtube is like a big university.  This is bigger than the Oxford dictionary. Approximately a few million videos a day are uploaded on youtube, as well as 500 million videos a day worldwide. Earn a few million a month from YouTube.


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Want to know about how YouTube works. Want to know about YouTube! How does YouTube work? Where does youtube store as much storage.No top YouTuber ?, How to start a YouTube career ?. Want to know about such questions! But this guide is for you.

 When does youtube start? why started youtube?

  harle, steve chan, jawed Karim working in the PayPal company created a website called "tune in" but it was not successful. One day Harley searched for a song online but the song was nowhere to be found and Steve chan took it to his party  He wanted to send the video to his friend, but could not send it in an email because it was too big. They encountered a lot of things like this. Then they came up with an idea.  The existing website tune in was changed to YouTube. So youtube was started in the year 2005. They worked hard to develop it.YouTube founder Javed first uploaded a video of himself at his zoo on youtube. YouTube users have been growing ever since. Youtube is attracting Google. Put youtube on google. Whenever youtube comes to Google, it has grown exponentially. Whenever 400 hours of video are being uploaded on youtube. You can understand how many videos are uploaded per day, per month, per year. You always have a message that Comes. It stores so much storage where youtube. YouTube stores in Google storage. Google has a data centre to store a lot of data. These are located in some countries around the world.

 Google introduced the youtube Partner program in 2007. The youtube partner program means that youtube creators on YouTube can make money from their videos.  45% of youtube takes over. Youtube direction has changed since 2007. Youtube partner program has made many people forget YouTube as a youtube creator. Now YouTube has become a job. Now YouTube is a big platform to make money.

 youtube always focuses on three people: 1) viewers, 2) creators, 3) advertisers.  Helps advertisers enhance their company brand and services.  youtube creator makes videos to the liking of the audience. Shows youtube ads on very popular videos. YouTube runs the process.

 youtube Awards.

 YouTube has been giving awards since 2007. Giving these makes good content for youtube creators to get more subscribers. These youtube awards are of some kind.  A YouTube channel gives 100000 subscribers a "silver play button", 1000000 subscribers a "golden play button", 10000000 subscribers a Diamond play button.

 how youtube works.

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 Now let's see how uploading a video on youtube can be processed. Back then, when watching a video, the net was buffering when it was slow. It was always a lot less. YouTube came up with a new way to overcome.  When we upload a video, YouTube converts it into some video bit. The youtube processor splits those parts into 1080p, 720,480p, 240p, 120p and paves them out...If our net is slow, it adds a bit of low resolution. Youtube notices our internet speed and adds video bits without buffering the video we are watching. This allows us to watch videos continuously.  We can watch videos with very low internet speed on youtube.  All this is processed by youtube without us knowing. Watch 500 crore videos per day  Rs.

 youtube lets us know where we are, what videos we watch the most, what our likes are, what videos we like and what we like, and suggests them. Similarly, everyone notices their likes and only shows them.

 How do youtube find copied video and music?

 This is something that YouTube creators must know. Most people copy pre-existing videos on YouTube and upload them to their channel. It is very wrong to do so. Because YouTube has a Content ID System.  If it matches the music then it sends mail to the original creator. The original creator has three options.

 1) Ignoring that video.

 2) Blocking that video.

 3) Sending copy strike.

 If there is a copy strike, the video will remain the same but the original owner will take the money when the ads are played on the video. Therefore, we should not use other people's videos and music...

 YouTube is the third most used app in the world. Google is the first, Facebook is the second and YouTube is the third.  If we want anything we can open Google or YouTube. Now youtube has become the biggest video search engine.

 Uses on youtube.

 youtube has many uses. There is no other platform than YouTube where we have to make money or want to be famous. Now YouTube has become a career. From this, you can understand that youtube is a range of entries.  People became famous for using their talent. One of them, Justin Bieber, was the first to videotape a song he sang on YouTube and upload it on youtube. The songs received a good response, which made him an international star.  Apart from that a lot of people have become famous from YouTube.

 The channel has the most subscribers on youtube.

 The channel "PewDiePie" has the largest number of subscribers. The channel has 11 crore subscribers in the year 2021. He uploads gaming and comedy videos. Pewdiepie earned $ 12 million in 2017, which is 86 crores in Indian Rupees.


 youtube is like a big university. There are no unanswered answers on youtube.  Anything we search on YouTube will answer it immediately. It's like a platform to prove our talent. Youtube is a good platform where you want to make money. There is no video search engine other than YouTube.

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