Type of facebook ad formats.how to advertisers on facebook?

 Types of Facebook ads

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 Facebook is the most used social media platform in the world. Facebook has 3 billion users. More than 65% of adults in the United States use Facebook daily.

 Advertising is a must if you want your business to grow quickly. Your ads should be given in such a way that the quicker the result, the better the selection of Facebook. Because having more users in it, our business will reach the public faster.


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Type of Facebook ads

  • Introduction
  • Image Ads
  • Video ads
  • Carousel ads
  • Lead ads
  • Canvas ads
  • Offers ads
  • Event responsive ads
  • Post Engagement ads
  • Page likes ads
  • Poll ads
  • Massage ads 
  • Story ads
  • Facebook vs Instagram
  • Conclusion


 Do you want to do Facebook ads! Do you not know about Facebook ads types! However, this guide is just for you. There are many ads types to do Facebook ads.  Among them, you need to select the ads format that suits your business.

 Image ads

 Image ads are also one of the most common ads on Facebook because they look like user posts in the Facebook feed, which makes the image attractive. These image ads are linked to the main blog. Image ads are a good choice for advertising on Facebook.  Image ads attract Facebook users quickly. They are simpler and less profitable.

 Photo ads target objective

 Brand awareness


 Install the app

 Lead generation


 Product sales

 video ads

 Video ads are more popular among Facebook ads. Advertising in video format brings more brand awareness.  Facebook users will be helped to make better decisions after seeing the ads.

 The video ad plays by itself when Facebook users are scrolling. This makes the video more attractive quickly. Video ads play in stories, news feeds, and video streaming. What can be said about the brand directly in video form?

 carousel ads

 We can use up to 10 images or videos in carousel ads.

 carousel ads can display an ad in different formats and use different links to them. carousel ads are different types of products.  Briefly about.

 Lead ads

 Lead ads have made it easier in many ways. Facebook has always made it much easier for people to connect with merchants. Facebook allows users to access existing offers instead of going to the landing website.

 Facebook Lead Ads is designed to cater to the needs of the users. Users do not have to enter their name, address and email.

 canvas ads

 Optimize ad canvas ad on Facebook Ads. This is one of the most attractive ads. It is a unique ad for mobile.  This brings a lot of traffic and revenue to the landing page.

 offer ads

 If we want our business to grow quickly, we have to give offers. Facebook offer ads are good for highlighting those offers. In this ad, we highlight the offer we want and show it to the customers.  It also sends a reminder that the offers are about to expire.

 Event response ads

 Event response ads can easily promote your events. This Facebook ad is essential if you want your events to reach people quickly. If you want the event ad to reach the right audience, Facebook event response ads can be very useful.

 This advertising model will make people aware of our event as well as keep track of who your event belongs to.

 post Engagement ads

 These ads are mostly used on social media.

 If you post your content on Facebook or Instagram, it will only go to those who follow you or those you know, so your post will not reach new audiences.  Then your post will reach the selected audience. This will increase the likes, comments and brand value. These ads will be used to get more likes and followers on Facebook and Instagram.

 page likes

 These ads will help you to get more likes on your Facebook page. In this ad, you can select our Facebook page posts or videos in the form of an ad. This will get more likes to your Facebook page and increase the brand value of your page.

 poll ads

 These ads are for mobile use only. This ad format can be used for polling with separate photos. It is made between two photos or two videos. The two photos contain links. These poll ads look exciting to view.

 Messenger ads.

 Messenger ads only appear on messenger. They appear in the middle of the chat on Facebook messenger.

 Story ads.

 Mobile is a perfect fit. Story ads play in a vartical format. They appear when doing Facebook and Instagram stories. Most people like to watch stories. So there is a good craze for story ads. These look very attractive.

 Along with this, there are a few other ads format.

 What is the purpose of Facebook Ads for Business?

 There are many benefits due to Facebook.  Facebook advertising is more profitable at a lower cost. Like any other platform, Facebook also promotes ads.

 Other platforms do not have as many users as Facebook does.

 Facebook vs Instagram

 Facebook and Instagram have the most users in the world. Social media occupies the top place among users.

 Facebook has 2.8 billion users, while Instagram has 900 million users. Facebook has the most users.  With that, our ads are likely to reach more people.  Ads on Facebook can be done in a variety of formats, such as feed, add, live, video, story, messenger. Instagram does not have many formats.  Ads can only be placed on feed, photos, video stories. Some research has shown that Facebook and Instagram both take the cost of the same ad...


 You need to place ads to enhance your brand, increase service, increase sales, increase traffic etc. There are many platforms for advertising, but not all platforms have the same result.  Must be determined to do.

 There are many benefits to placing ads on Facebook.  Facebook has 2.8 billion users. It is the most used social media platform in the world. Giving your ads on Facebook can grow quickly. Facebook attracts a lot of people with its ads feature.  There are more along with the ads format mentioned above.  The cost of placing ads on Facebook is less than any other platform.

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