How to grow youtube channel?,how to get more youtube subscribers?

 How to get more youtube subscribers in 2022?

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YouTube is a good platform for anyone to become famous and prove their talent.  Earn up to a few lakhs per month from youtube.  Youtube is a good option if you want to make money sitting at home.

 Youtube is a brand name. No one has ever heard of YouTube's name. Things that are not in the world can also be found on youtube. YouTube is bigger than the oxford dictionary. YouTube is like a university.  They need to start YouTube and persevere. Can't click on YouTube quickly. Most people create a youtube channel and leave it in the middle saying there is no traffic. It takes a new time for views to come on YouTube.

 Do you want to become a YouTuber too? Do you want to grow your channel? Do you want to make money from YouTube? But this guide is for you.


Page contents

  • How to grow your youtube channel
  •  Introduction
  • How to create a YouTube channel
  • How to grow a youtube channel
  • Category
  • Description and tags
  • Video sharing
  • Paid advertising
  • SEO and thumbnail
  • Copyright strike and clime
  • Monetization
  • Top YouTubers in India
  • Conclusion.


 Should anyone start a YouTube channel?

 Everyone can start a YouTube career. If you have a skill, you can become a YouTuber. It does not require any qualifications. No training is required.  Many people create a youtube channel and leave it in the middle saying that there is no traffic. It will take some time for the views to come on youtube.

 How to create a youtube channel?

 Currently, a YouTube channel school kid is also creating a youtube channel. All you have to do is create a youtube channel. All you have to do is have an email. Go to youtube and our profile will appear in the top right corner.  You need to set the title and give some basic information along with it. Also, you need to log in to a good youtube channel.

 How To Grow My Youtube Channel.

 You need to follow certain methods for your youtube channel to grow.

 select your youtube channel category.

 If you want your YouTube to get good results quickly you need to give good content in your channel.

 If people watching your videos want to follow my channel, you have to make videos in the same category. If you are making different videos, subscribers will not come to your channel quickly. So you have to upload the same content videos.  Doing so includes topics and topics that are in high demand. Anything you do can be a success.

  •  comedy videos
  •  Web series
  •  Health
  •  technology
  •  Fitness
  •  News
  •  Gaming
  •  Photography
  •  Entertainment
  •  Music
  •  Editing
  •  Cooking
  •  Education
  •  Dance
  •  Travel
  •  Product reviews
  •  Movies
  •  Software
  •  Fashion
  •  Style
  •  Sports
  •  And others.

 Give good channel description and tags

 discrimination and tags are the most important. If you want your video to know something on youtube you have to give good discrimination and tags. You only have to give tags related to your video. Giving your video tags related to the description will show your video at the top. Then you will get more views  There is a possibility. Also, give keywords such as what most people are searching for.

 Video sharing.

 When you upload a video on YouTube you have to share the video on a different platform because you can increase your video views by sharing as your channel still gets more subscribers.

 Sharing video links to your friends, relatives, social media apps and WhatsApp group will get you more views.

 Paid Advertising.

 You can give Google some money and advertise your video. Google will grow your video. In it, you can select the audience you want. You can select a specific audience, specific location, language and show your video only to them. These are complete organic traffic.

 SEO and thumbnail

 You need to improve your SEO rank for your video to come first when searching on YouTube. SEO means search engine optimization.  Is possible.

 You need to put an attractive thumbnail on your video because 90% of YouTube users will look at your thumbnail and click on it. So you need to edit your video thumbnail well.

 description links, icords, end screen.

 By giving your other video links in the discription your users will open your description and click on them to go to your other videos. Also if your video duration is high you can suggest other videos in icords format to your other videos at the end of your video  Then if your users want to watch those videos they have the option to click and watch them.

 what is copyright Strike and clime

 If you copy other content, music and background music on YouTube, you will have a lot of problems. If you copy any content, it will be found on youtube immediately.  You can block your video or send you a copyright Strike. Copyright Strike means your video remains the same.  But the money that comes from it goes to the original creator.

 If you make a video using your skills then surely success will come any day if not today.


  Making money from our YouTube channel means that our channel needs to be monetized. YouTube requires certain conditions for our channel to be monetized. That condition is that our channel must have at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch time complete.  Even if your channel is not monetized, ads will appear on your videos. From then on, your channel will receive money.

 Top YouTubers in India...

 There are many YouTubers in India earning up to a few lakhs of rupees per month.  Let's find out who are the top 10 YouTubers in India ever!

 1) carryMinati

 2) Total gaming

 3) Ashish chenchalani vines

 4) BB ki vines

 5) round2hell

 6) amith badan

 7) techno gamerz

 8) technical guruji

 9) Sandeep Maheshwari

 10) Mr Indian hacker

 Youtube has changed the lives of many. Youtube has worked hard to bring out many of its talents.

 Justin bibar for example.  He was the first to upload videos of songs sung on youtube. There was a good response from YouTube. His talent became known to the world. Justin Bieber became an international star. Youtube changed his life.


 There are many platforms if we want to prove our talent. But there is no greater success than YouTube. To be successful on YouTube we just need to have a little talent. If we have a skill we can go to a good level anytime if not today on youtube.  They do it in a way that is not fair. YouTube encourages anyone to use their content.  The reason is for the money. Others do it to become famous and prove their talent. If someone comes up with good content they will be successful.

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