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How to earn money online?

Top 10 ways to earn money online.
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Many people are doing business online from home. Nowadays, many people are buying and selling goods online. Everyone is looking for something online. At such a time, doing business online is very unaffordable.

 Do you want to do business online? Do you want to stay home and make money! But this guide is for you.


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  1. Affiliate marketing
  2. Blogging
  3. Freelancing
  4. Stock market
  5. YouTube.
  6. Virtual assistants
  7. Content writer
  8. Online courses
  9. Photo selling
  10. Real estate


1) Affiliate marketing.

Everyone loves to shop online. Online marketing will be very profitable in 2022. Offline marketing means promoting the company's products. Big companies like Amazon and Flipkart are doing offline marketing to sell their product.  Offline marketing makes about $ 65,800 a year. Offline marketing refers to the product and earns a commission of 5 to 10% on the price of the product.

 Affiliate links

 Offline Links When we register with a company, such as Amazon, Flipkart, a link is generated from that company. These are called offline links.

 This offline link should be advertised not on a website but on social media. 


 Blogging started as a hobby and has always been a platform to make money. Most people earn millions by blogging. Amith Agarwal, the top blogger in India, earns 45 lakhs a month and Indian bloggers earn an average of 10000 dollars a month.

 Blogging means writing briefly about a topic. Sharing our content online is called blogging. There are many ways to earn money through blogging. Some of the most important of which is Google AdSense, offline marketing.  You can also add offline links to your article.

 A blogging career can be done in WordPress, blogger, ghost etc. Some of these are available for free. Blogger is provided to us by Google for free. But blogging on blogger does not bring much traffic.  If you want to blog on .wordpress you need to buy a domain and hosting. Add them to your website and blog.

3) Freelancing

 If someone makes money using their skills it is called freelancing. Freelancing does not have to be done in a single company.

 There are a few websites where you can do freelancing online.  You have to register with them. Then you can earn money by doing the service of your choice.

4) invest in the stock market.

 You can invest in the stock market to make money. Many people have invested in the stock market and become rich. You have to invest in the stock market to know the stock market completely. If you do not know about the stock market, it is better to invest in the stock market.  Earned as well as lost money. A man named varan buffet simply invested in the stock market and became the richest man in the world.

 There are several ups and downs available to invest in the stock market.

 best investing apps of 2022

 fidelity spire




 angel one


 Everyone is taking to YouTube if anyone wants to know anything.  Everything is on YouTube.  YouTube is not just about information, it's about making money. YouTube has given a lot of people jobs.

 Making Money on YouTube is very easy. If you have any talent, you can make money by making videos. YouTube gives you some money when ads fly on your videos.  Subscribe to 1000 Your channel will be monetized when your channel reaches them.  From then on you can make money.

 6)Virtual assistants.

 Virtual assistants are self-employed jobs.  In this, you can sit and work near your home. Virtual assistants can do many kinds of work. You can schedule appointments, phone call management, tourism planning and many more. You do not need any knowledge to do virtual assistants.

 You need to do your planning before you can become an assistant.

 You have to select what kind of work you want to do.

 Make your work price and your structure.

 You can also use a website to communicate your planning and your service through that website.

 Virtual assistants can earn Rs 18000 to 25000 per month.

 7)content writer.

 Do you like writing? But you can earn money by writing. There is a lot of demand for a content writer online. You can also earn money by writing through some websites. You can earn a lot in writing.

 If you have the skills you can easily write an article and earn money. You will be paid based on your article.

 In the same way, you can maintain a website and earn money by writing articles about some of the topics in it. For some websites hire article writers.

 Writing earns 300 to 1000 rupees per article.

8) Start online courses.

 If you are a good influencer or if you are good at teaching you can do the course online. You should start a website but not a course.  If you do a course you have to share it on different platforms to let everyone know.  Your course is good for your website even if it reaches everyone  Traffic can be earned.

 You can do different courses. For example dance, education or some other training. You can create your site. Otherwise, there are some websites to publish your course. You can register course earn money depending on the course you are doing.

 9)photo and video selling

 Do you do photoshoots? Do you like photography? But forget about money. Now there is a huge demand for photos and video clips. Selling photos is a lucrative business. You can upload photos taken on some websites.  The amount is paid.  They are selling photos online. You can create your website, upload your photos and sell them.

 There are many types of photo selling websites online. They take your photos and sell them for more money.  SmugMug and stock.

 10)Real estate.

 There is a lot of demand for real estate these days. The reason for this is that land prices are rising. Land sites are rising day by day. If you are aware of the sites you can do site business. You can buy some sites and sell them for more money.  In real estate, you are less likely to make a loss because you can sell for more than you bought. Site values ​​increase based on demand in cities. You can buy and sell to those who build houses.

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