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Digital education, digital business, digital payments, digital are all becoming digital. At first, everyone who was afraid to do digital business is now doing business, shopping, education digitally.  However, some countries have banned this cryptocurrency. For example, India and Bangladesh have banned it. The demand for cryptocurrency is increasing day by day. Now, let's learn about cryptocurrency in this blog!  Let's find out now?

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  • Introduction
  • What is cryptocurrency
  • How to cryptocurrency started
  • How to earn cryptocurrency
  • Types of cryptocurrency
  • Property due to cryptocurrency
  • Cryptocurrency investing
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 What is cryptocurrency?

 Cryptocurrency is also known as digital currency or virtual currency. cryptocurrency is secured without any government oversight. The cryptocurrency operates through a black chain. No one can hack it.  But cryptocurrency does not appear.

 cryptocurrencies are secured by cryptography, which allows people to buy and sell easily. Cryptocurrency can be used to buy or save goods.

 How cryptocurrency started.

 cryptocurrency works through a black chain. No one controls it. In terms of cryptocurrency history, in 2008 a man named "satoshi Naka moto" published an article about bitcoin, the cryptocurrency. The fact is that no one knows who satoshi Naka moto is.  He also started a website called bitcoin.org in 2008. Bitcoin was first born as a cryptocurrency. Satoshi Naka Mato created bitcoin to be secure.  One crore and ninety lakh bitcoin are already available.

 How to earn cryptocurrency.

 Bitcoin can be traded in two main ways.

 1) Mining cryptocurrency.

 2) Buying through the website.

 Cryptocurrency mining can be used to earn crypto coins. The most popular cryptocurrency is bitcoin, which is in high demand around the world. We have two ways to acquire these. The first of these is mining.  Some algorithms do not bring mining methods to acquire cryptocurrency. That means creating a bitcoin means solving some problems. Bitcoins come as a reward for doing so. They can be used by those who have solved those puzzles.  We can buy cryptocurrency by logging in to them.

 types of cryptocurrency.

 Although cryptocurrency bitcoin was promoted in 2008, thousands of cryptocurrencies have emerged since then. Some of these currencies have unique characteristics.

 People started buying bitcoin in 2009. Since then bitcoin has been increasing in value day by day.

 There have been over a few thousand cryptocurrencies since 2001. Let's find out now.

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  1.  Bitcoins
  2.  Ethereum
  3.  Cardano
  4.  Polkadot
  5.  Stellar
  6.  Dogecoin
  7.  Tether
  8.  Monero
  9.  Binance coin
  10.  Litecoin

 With the advent of bitcoin came a wide variety of cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin is the most sought after and market leader in the world.

 Is cryptocurrency legal?

 The cryptocurrency is not controlled by anyone. It is made in a blockchain manner. This is why governments do not support it. Some countries support cryptocurrency, some countries dehydrate it.  They are trading in their countries as safe. Initially, India banned cryptocurrency and later some companies filed a case in the Supreme Court with which the ban on cryptocurrency was lifted. But still, the Reserve Bank warns to be careful with cryptocurrency.

 Experiments and disadvantages of cryptocurrency.

 There are many benefits to cryptocurrency.  There are advantages as well as disadvantages. Now let us know them.

 Profits due to cryptocurrency.

 Since cryptocurrency is a digital currency, none of these needs to be secured. If money is to be transferred from one place to another, they need third party companies, which can transfer money without the need for anyone.

 Banks and the government are not required to make transactions.

 Money can be transferred directly without the cryptocurrency bank or credit curd enforcement companies.

 Transactions are easy and fast to make.

 Profits and investments can be made using cryptocurrency. cryptocurrency has brought in more profits in 10 years.


 Cryptocurrency can be used by criminals to buy goods, even if they are illegal, and can ruin many lives.  Already such people are trying in many ways.

 The value of cryptocurrency is never the same.  Its value can increase or decrease at any time.

 Anyone can dig cryptocurrency using a computer. But doing crypto mining requires more current. Not everyone can do this. Only high-income companies do. Did you know that 10 big companies have a 90% stake in cryptocurrency mining?

 The cryptocurrency runs with a black chain. It is safe. But the wallet and the exchange were hacked. Then many crores worth of coins were hacked.

 How to get cryptocurrency?

 cryptocurrency can be obtained in two ways.  In cryptocurrency, we can not buy because their prices are high. So we buy half of a coin. For example, bitcoin has half of 10 crores. They are called a satoshi.

 what is mining?

 The production of cryptocurrency is called mining. For example, bitcoin is only available to everyone when it is mined. Mining can be done by everyone. But mining can be very expensive. Not everyone can do it.  Coolers are required. That is, mining is very expensive. Mining cannot be done with a small computer. Large companies with high income are doing the mining.

 There is a high demand for any cryptocurrency.

 The cryptocurrency bitcoin despite the high demand in the world.  It has a market value of over $ 800 million.

 Now the price of bitcoin alone has reached 50 thousand dollars. The price of bitcoin is increasing day by day.

 Is it better to invest in cryptocurrency?

 Investing in cryptocurrency sounds good or bad because cryptocurrency never has the same value. cryptocurrency can never be treated as a fixed asset. cryptocurrency is unpredictable.  The black chain works based on demand. When cryptocurrency is in high demand, its value increases. However, if its demand decreases, its value is likely to decrease.  So it is advisable to think before investing in cryptocurrency.


 No one controls cryptocurrency. They are not controlled by anyone. They are made in the form of a black chain. Cryptocurrency is now very popular. It is gaining value day by day.  Bitcoin has been in high demand for over 10 years. Now its value has reached $ 2 trillion. The value of the cryptocurrency has never been the same. They vary with demand.  But that is not the case. Due to this, some countries are warning to be careful about cryptocurrency.

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