Search Engine Optimization (SEO),seo beginner's guide

 Search engine optimization (seo)

What is seo,search engen optimization


 Seo full form is "search engine optimization". You can use it to share content online. Whether you want to share a website, blog or other content through Google! But this SEO guide is for you.

 SEO is very important to the content, the key is to make your site accessible to the public in an SEO quality manner.  Seo plays a major role in getting traffic or growing your business fast.


Page contents

  1. What is SEO
  2. How to improve SEO score
  3. On-page SEO
  4. Off-page SEO
  5. Internal Backlinks
  6. External Backlinks


 What is SEO?

 SEO stands for search engine optimization. This SEO can be used to top our website search engine. When someone searches for a product or service on Google, Bing or any other search engine, SEO can be used to top it off. If not SEO Google does not work. If our website has good content, our website will have a higher SEO score.  SEO generates more traffic. When you search on Google, Google shows the relevant website at the top based on the SEO score.

 How to improve SEO score.

 Getting a website to the top in search engines can be difficult, but if you read this guide thoroughly, you can easily make your website appear on the search engine top.

 on-page SEO.

 on-page gives your website a good SEO score. When you search for something on Google or any other search engine, if the content is on our website then our website will show up at the top. On-page SEO is based on certain factors.

  1. title tag
  2. meta discrimination
  3. headlines
  4. Content writing
  5. Keywords planner
  6. Image optimization

 1) title tag

 The title tag is the title of your webpage. You should give a title related to the content on your webpage. About what you are writing about in your blog, give it a related title. Mainly visitors to your website will see your title. In Google, If the keyword is in your blog title when someone searches it, then there is a chance that it will show up at the top of our website. The title tag is very important to bring organic traffic to your website. So you should give the title tag what is relevant to your content.

 2) meta discrimination.

 meta discrimination is a staple for SEO. a meta description is under the title of your blog in the search engine. meta description describes what your blog post is about.  When you write a meta description, write about 150 words of content on your page.


 You need to write good headlines to get good results in your website content search engine. Your visitors will come to see the heading of your page. So you should put heading in your post.  People should write content about what they are searching for and put a proper heading on it. The heading of your page should be a tactical one.

 4)Content writing and SEO type.

 Content writing is key to your website. The more people search the content, the better your website ranks. The content you write should be content related to your heading. Most people just write content but make a variety of mistakes when writing content.  It is better to write in simple letters so that everyone understands. The more quality your content is, the more SEO you can get.

 5)keywords planner

 To run a website, you need to plan and write keywords. Keyword planning means writing about what most people are searching for in the search engine. You can use the Google keywords planner for that.  Writing like that is likely to get more traffic to your website.  Google keywords include semrash and arehfs.

 6)image optimization.

 Images can be used to make your blog more attractive so that users also know the important purpose of your content. This will give your website a better SEO score.  Giving them alt tags and title tags when using an image will give your website a better rank because of your repeated use of your title image and your content. Your blog should only use the image if it needs to.  Takes.

What is seo,search engen optimization
Off-page SEO

 Internal linking

 Internal links are essential for your website. Google makes it easy for you to find your website. Internal linking is the ability to link your website from one blog to another.  Linking is a good way. When you add a link to a word, that keyword should be the most important word. Internal linking is very important.

 External links

 Off-page SEO is the key to your website. Off-page SEO means backlink. Being off-page SEO gives your site a higher ranking which is the main reason why your website gets a higher ranking.  Giving bank links. Creating more backlinks will give organic results to your website. Off-page SEO is very important for a website.

 are important in off-page SEO.

  •  Brand building
  •  Social media
  •  Local SEO
  •  Forms
  •  Guest posting
  •   Social Media 

 Do follow links

 The main reason why your website is ranked is do-follow links. dofollow links mean sharing some value in a website. For example, suppose there is a website called x!  The value of a website called x also goes to a website called y, which gives Google a higher ranking than the website bots y.  To get a good SEO rank for the site you need to get the dofollow link on the high ranking domain website.

 The more dofollow backlinks your website has, the more you can increase your SEO score and traffic.

 <a href="infidigit consultants</a>

 Nofollow links.

 No-follow links mean that when your website links are on another website they will put your links as no-follow. No-follow will not be of much use. Google bots will not see No-follow links.  rank also has no effect.


 Getting backlinks is very important for your website. It contributes to your SEO score. This is called link building.

 There are two ways to create links on a website.

 Internal Links Internal linking is the ability to add links from one page to pages on a website, allowing users to move from one page to another.

 external links External linking is the linking of your website to another website. Backlinks increase the SEO rank of the website. Backlinks are essential for the website.  Quality becomes a website. Also when other links are added to your website they become high quality.

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