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Information about INDmoney.

 Indmoney app is a startup launched in India. The indmoney up also has access to investments, loans, debts and expenses. A platform that offers a wide variety of features. It is not designed to make it easy to know how to optimize their investments. Indmoney is already widely used by 25- to 45-year-olds. We can trade in indmoney. We can invest in stocks and mutual funds. Can invest.

 indmoney allows its customers to invest in US stocks by giving many rewards. In addition, it can invest in cryptocurrency, which includes cryptos like bitcoin, Ethereum. If you are investing in stocks, Eid is a good opportunity for you.

 indmoney founder.

   Ashish Kashyap is currently the founder and CEO of indmoney. It also attracted a large number of investors, raising $ 58 million.

 And money is already licensed by IRDAI. IRDAI stands for Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India. Kashyap said it will be made available to the public soon. 

How to invest money in the indmoney app? Or how to invest money in US stocks

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