Top 3 programming languages in 2022,best programming languages to learn in 2022

Top 3 programming languages in 2022

  1. java script
  2. Python
  3. Java

1) java script

 JavaScript General Purpose longugage. JavaScript is used by everyone. 60% of the people in the world use JavaScript. Most developers rely on JavaScript. Java script is a general purpos scripting language. JavaScript is used for web applications.  Will be used on the front end and back end web page.

 Companies that use java script the most: Google, paypal, netflics.

 average salary of java script: US: $ 110,000

 india: 8 to 10 lakh per anum.

2) python.

 python is a top language, compatible with Java.  python is a general purpos and oriented and scripting programming language.

 Companies that mostly use phython: intel, ibm, spotify, rejarpay and more ...

 average salary of phython: US: $ 125,000.

 india: 10 to 20 lakh per anum. 


 Java is an abject oriented ptogramming language. It is widely used in IT industries in India. Java is used for Android development, software development and desktop and mobile development.

 Companies that use java script the most: Google, paytm, instagram, uber.

 avarage salary of java: US: 100 k dollars, india: 20 laksh per anum.

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